A big reason to own the Vortex streamer

The streaming module used in the Vortex can be updated remotely.

What's that mean?

Roon communicates with Roon endpoints such as the Vortex. You may not be aware of it, but Roon improves and updates their software over time and issues updates to Roon endpoints that can handle such things. The streaming module we use in the Vortex is capable of being remotely updated. So even though you may never know about it, the performance and sound quality should improve over time with updates. Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch?

When considering a streamer, ask the manufacturer if their module can be remotely updated. If the answer is "no" it will fall behind, and at some point Roon will stop support, at which time such a product will stop working unless returned to the manufacturer for an update. That's a big inconvenience.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2021



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