Brian is Exogal's Sales Representative for the US, responsible for acquiring dealers and helping support them.

Brian was one of the first Exogal dealers, so he knows and believes in the products. And as a former dealer and lifelong music lover and audiophile he knows the challenges dealers and customers face. He's on your side!

An admittedly self taught geek and technical enthusiast, Brian designed and created this new website from the ground up, using content from the old website.

Brian Walsh

A New Golden Age of Hi Fi?

by ​EXOGAL CEO Jeff HaagenstadIt used to be, way back in the 60's and 70's, that almost every home either had a big, five-foot wide stereo console or a shelf full of audio components. Audio was a big part of people's lives. The fact that many homes only had one or two TV channels may have been a part of that. But everyone spun records for entertain...
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