Beautiful Design

EXOGAL Audio products are designed and manufactured in the United States, using state of the art mechanical design tools integrated with the latest in milling and finishing technology. Our innovative industrial designs are precision crafted so that our products complement the design and beauty of your home or office.

Innovative Technology

EXOGAL throws out the book when it comes to our technology. We design our processing algorithms to recreate your music in the purest form possible. Some reviewers have actually called it an "analog sound" - high praise for a purely digital approach!


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Committed to Protect Your Privacy & Data

You have most likely received quite a number of e-mails about the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These changes are mainly for Europeans but we have always believed that everyone's privacy is important, regardless of where they live. Therefore, we wanted to clarify our position on your personal data.

Other than the information you may choose to enter on our mailing list form, we do not collect or hold any personal information from you. We do not use tracking cookies, we do not save credit card information, we don't even ask you to register our products for warranty purposes because the sell date is encoded in the serial number. We love you but frankly we don't want the responsibility of trying to keep your information private. Thus we've never kept it. In those rare cases where we've collected a credit card number from a customer to pay for something (an accessory or a repair, etc.),that information was entered directly into our credit card processor's website and never kept or recorded by us. We ship all of our products via FedEx and while they may retain your address information, it is covered under their GDPR compliance policy.

Our privacy policy is simple: We don't want your data. If we don't have it, it cannot be hacked and we don't have it to sell or abuse.