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How to get a $50 touchscreen remote for your EXOGAL Comet

How would you like a Touchscreen Remote for your EXOGAL Comet? Want to read books on it? Watch movies on it? You can do all these things for $50 using an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. First, buy one of these:

It's an Amazon Kindle Fire 7" tablet, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking here: http://amzn.com/B00ZDWGF7W . They'll sell it to you for $50 with ads on your home screen or $65 without ads. (Do yourself a favor: spend the extra $15!) Eventually you'll just find the EXOGAL app in the app store but for now we're going to jump through a couple of hoops... 

Go ahead… order it. We'll wait! (...time passes...) 

OK. So now you have it? Good, it should arrive already set up to your Amazon account and it's time to get your app running. Make sure the Fire Tablet has the password to your Wi Fi network… you'll need this in order to access the App Store in a second.

Next, we'll need to allow the app to be loaded using an application other than the Amazon App Store. Go into "Settings" and press the icon that looks like a little gear. Then select "Security" and make sure "Apps from Unknown Sources" is checked.

Press the "Home" button to leave settings. 

OK, on your computer, download the EXOGAL Remote Android APK (It's a ZIP file) from here

Unzip it into your computer's "Downloads" folder. (If you put it into another folder, remember where it is!)

Plug your Kindle Fire into your computer's USB port using a standard micro USB cable. Plug the standard USB plug into your computer, plug the micro USB connector into your Fire Tablet. 

Let the computer find it. 

Open up two file explorer windows. 

On the first, navigate to your computer's "Downloads" folder. 

On the second, navigate to the Fire Tablet's "Downloads" folder. 

Drag the EXOGAL Remote.apk file from the computer to the Fire Tablet.

OK, now we need to install it onto the tablet. 

Unplug the tablet from the computer. 

Go to the Fire Tablet's Home screen. It looks something like this: 

Click on the App Store icon on the Home screen. On the above picture it says "apps":

When the App Store opens, you will see a little magnifying glass which is the Search command. Press it and it will bring up a keyboard.

In the search box, type "easy installer" and press the magnifying glass on the keyboard. 

You will get a list of search results that looks like this one:

(you won't see the red box, that's just to highlight the app you want!) Select the "Easy Installer" app and you will see the App screen. 

​Press the Yellow "Get" button and the app will download from the app store. Once it has downloaded and installed, the "Get" button changes to "Open".

Press the "Open" button to launch Easy Installer.

If you copied the EXOGAL app over properly, you should see it listed as "EXO Remote" in the Easy Installer list. Select the check box on the right-hand side,

Press the green "Install" button on the bottom of the screen.

You will get a confirmation screen asking if you want to install the app. Press "INSTALL". Next you will see some screen activity as the app installs. Once it's installed, you will see the completion screen.

The EXOGAL Remote app is installed on the tablet. Click "OPEN" and the app will launch and find your Comet!

And now you're all set! Enjoy!

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Thursday, 20 September 2018
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