The Exogal Comet is a high performance digital to analog audio converter (DAC) playing up to 32/384k and DSD. Just connect your computer, or other digital/analog source, and experience exceptional audiophile quality sound. The Comet DAC does everything you would expect a high-end DAC to do, including balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, digital volume control and asynchronous USB input - all at a sensible price.


Ion, the perfect amplification companion for the Comet

The Exogal Ion is a high performance PowerDAC that is specifically designed to be an amplifier and processing extension to the Comet. The Ion connects to the Comet via the EXONET Interface and provides 125 watts per channel (into 8 ohms).


The EXOGAL Comet Power Supply Upgrade gives you the power to squeeze out that last drop of performance from your Comet DAC! It provides plenty of power to stretch out and render the highest highs, drive the deepest bass, and lets the Comet provide the richest, most authentic sound stage of any DAC on the market.


The EXOGAL Vortex Streaming Hub family provides the simplest way for you to play your digital media into an EXOGAL system. The integrated Network and USB hubs make it easy to bring all your music sources together, whether it's digital media on a network NAS drive, a USB external hard drive, streamed off a computer, or streamed from the Internet, as well as from CD players or other media devices. And the Vortex family requires virtually no network configuration meaning it's simple to set up. Just plug it into your network and listen!



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