If you are having trouble with an EXOGAL Product, please send us an email at support exogal com, or call us at 651-964-0698. You should note that our phone system is automated and it may take us 24 - 72 hours to return a phone call! If you send us an email it will hit our devices immediately, and we try to respond within an hour.

The current Comet Firmware level is 2.25
The current Ion Firmware level is 1.83.

People ask about upgrading Comet firmware and the need to do so. The short answer is don't do it unless you have to!

Version 1.32 had the last sonic improvement.

Version 1.36 added Crestron and Control4 home control system connectivity.

Version 2.00 and up added Ion connectivity.

If your EXOGAL Product is already at this level, please do not perform an upgrade to it! It's likely to work fine, but don't risk "bricking" it for no reason!

For upgrading the Comet, please contact your nearest dealer.

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