How to update the EXOGAL USB device driver on your Windows 10 computer:

Download the Windows 10 Device Driver installer: 

Next, click on the Windows symbol (Start)

2015 12 05 00

Type "Device Manager". Once you see the Device Manager app appear on the Start Menu, you may select it and the Device Manager will start:

2015 12 05 01

In the Device Manager, click on the chevron (the ">" symbol...) to open the XMOS USB Audio driver (in  this case, at the bottom of the menu...):

2015 12 05 02

Right Click on the XMOS USB Audio Device:

2015 12 05 03

Click "Uninstall" to remove the old driver:

2015 12 05 05

Ensure the check box "Delete the driver software for this device" is CHECKED, then click "OK":

2015 12 05 06

Make sure that the XMOS USB device is no longer in the device list:

2015 12 05 07

Locate the installer you downloaded (usually in your Windows "Downloads" folder unless you put it somewhere else...). Run the installer by double-clicking it. You will see this window:

2015 12 05 08

You may be asked to uninstall an old driver. Don't panic! This is from remnants left of the old driver. Click "Next" and allow the installer to clean up the mess:

2015 12 05 09

Use the default path that the installer puts in the Destination Folder field, click "Install":

2015 12 05 10

Now let the installer run. You may see messages showing the uninstallation messages for any old components as well as the messages for the installation of the new driver.

2015 12 05 11

2015 12 05 12

2015 12 05 13

Once the installer has removed the old driver and has done its preparations for installing the new driver, click "Next":

2015 12 05 14 

The driver will be installed and you will see the Completion Window:

2015 12 05 15

Open the "Playback Devices"  window by right-clicking the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Select "Speakers, XMOS USB Audio" and click "Configure":

2015 12 05 16

(Make sure your Comet is turned on, the USB input is selected, and the output is unmuted!) Click the "Test" button. 

2015 12 05 17

Make sure that you hear the test sound, first out of the Left speaker, then out of the Right. If you don't hear the Test sounds, you may need to reboot your computer. Do that and then come back to this wizard... Complete the wizard by clicking "Next" several times and then "OK":

2015 12 05 20

Once you have successfully installed the Device Driver, select the "Speakers, XMOS USB Audio" device, click the "Set Default" button, and then click the "OK" button.

2015 12 05 21

You are ready to listen to some music! Enjoy!

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